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Cheap Polypropylene Stacking Chair for Office - Easyofficechairs

Stacking Chair 

Stacking Chair: What is it? Stacking Chair (also known as “Stacking Ergonomic Chair”) is a type of office chair designed to save valuable office space by placing the most important items near the middle of the back. These chairs also maximize your keyboard and mouse access while keeping everything else at eye level. Most traditional stacking chairs stack the back’s curve design with plastic or metal casters that encourage the back to move forward slightly. Lifetime stacking chairs combine the ergonomic signature shaped, signature contoured design of previous folding chairs with innovative, space-efficient storage solutions.

Office Chair Factory: The original concept for this revolutionary office chair took shape in 1976 at the University of California, Davis. Since then, The University of Illinois at Champaign has been using these stacking Ergonomic office chairs with metal casters and compression springs. The original stacking chairs use a metal framework, while the newer models use a fabric/ Leather backed frame. Both styles look sleek and modern, and they are comfortable to sit in.

Why should I buy one? Stacking chairs allow you to place the most important documents, files, etc. inside the least amount of room, maximizing floor space. The following reasons might convince you to invest in a stackable model:

* They fit perfectly into the corner of small spaces. * They can add an interesting element to either side of a conference room. * They are easy on the eyes, as they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. * They can accommodate your laptop, which often doubles as a miniature computer monitor, and make room for important paperwork.

* Can be easily “flip” to make room for more chairs. This can be extremely convenient when the space in front of a closed door is used for impromptu meetings, but not for business meetings. It’s also perfect for a family room, where Mom and Dad can watch a movie or entertain guests with a game of miniature golf. Or, for that special coffee shop meeting, where everyone can pitch in and help make the most profit possible!

* Can save you money. When you stackable chairs are laid out flat, you won’t need to rent folding chairs to keep the room neat. You can save money by not purchasing costly accessories, such as cart extensions. You will save money on the stackable design, as well. Some designs are so small that it would take several years of stacking to break even. However, a professional interior designer can make sure the set will last, and fit in with the rest of your office decor.

* Can add style to small spaces. A mid-century design, such as a stackable chair, can add interest to an empty office space. Because the stacks can be stacked up in the back, they don’t seem to obstruct a view. This gives a cozy look to a small workplace. The look is modern without being outdated, and it’s also functional, with enough height to allow one person to sit in them, while another can stand.

A professional interior designer can create a whole office space that’s efficient and stylish, while ensuring all employees have something to do. Using stacking chairs makes it easier to avoid clutter. When only a few items are needed, the small size of the chair allows you to place them in stacks around the office, and they don’t take up valuable work space. A mid-century style stackable chair is a great addition to any office.

* Decorating with comfort in mind. If your office space is tight, but you still want to be stylish, try using banquet hall chairs for your conference room or reception area. These chairs are usually shorter in length, and wider at the back, perfect for large groups. They are also made with thin arms and backs, perfect for comfortable viewing areas.

* Easy storage and transportation. Using banquet hall chairs for your office solves many storage problems. You can store them away when not in use and transport them with ease from one meeting to another. Not only that, but you can also make sure all of your conference room or reception area seating is taken care of with one chair, since these chairs usually stack up very well.

The best part about using these types of chairs is that they can be folded up compactly for easy storage. The only problem with a few of these folding chairs is that they don’t all have the same size and height, so you may have some difficulty getting them all in the same place when you need to rearrange them. But once you get them all together, you will notice how much easier it is to fold and store these. Folding chairs can be stored in a closet or under a bed, if needed. With their small size and compact design, they can easily be transported in a truck to a storage facility for easy storage during the times that you do not use them. Or, you can simply keep them in your office for those times when you do need a larger, permanent chair, but need the smaller, more portable ones for temporary use.

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